As a Mom, I know how difficult it can be to feed our children.  Kids can be picky eaters!  And with all of the commercialized food drawing their attention on television or in the supermarket, it is certainly a challenge.  My health coaching is designed to teach you about healthy options that are both tasty and good for your kids.  I offer healthy recipes, pantry purges to rid your home of the foods (and products) that are the most toxic, and step by step programs designed to make healthy eating fun and delicious.

Teaching kids to prepare healthy meals can be fun for the whole family!  Good habits start when they are young.

Teaching kids to prepare healthy meals can be fun for the whole family!  Good habits start when they are young.

Growing up in the 60's and 70's was a different world.  If you walked into a pharmacy at that time, the children's medicines consisted of a few things -- Bayer aspirin for children, Robitussin, Vick's Formula 44 and that's about it.  Today, our newborn babies are bombarded with over 15 toxic vaccines within minutes of being born, and are constantly over dosed with unnecessary medications at the slightest onset of a symptom.  Parents aren't taught how the human body works, so when their child has a fever, they are told to break it.  When a child's nose is running, rather than seeing it as the magnificent immune system of the body ridding itself of wastes, children are given medications to dry them up and suppress the body's natural response.  And as a parent, we have been conditioned to trust medical doctors as the authority on keeping our kids healthy.  In all fairness to the doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping people, they will tell you themselves that their Medical School Education barely touched on nutrition.  Doctors are taught to treat symptoms, rather than the cause.  How can this be?  Wouldn't it make sense to know what is imperative to put into the human body in order to sustain health? Shouldn't we have an understanding as to our amazing immune system and how to support it in working most efficiently?  Rather than writing prescriptions to ease a parent's agony of watching their children deal with symptoms, wouldn't it make more sense to properly educate patients on the most natural, non-toxic ways to heal the body?  I think so!!

Think about it, when we adopt an animal as a pet, we go to great lengths to feed it a diet that is meant for proper growth of that species.  You wouldn't consider feeding your hamster bird food and expect it to thrive!  Or expect your dog to be healthy if it ate only fish food? Of course not!!


So how can it be that we aren't taught what has human's thrive?  Unfortunately, the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries are extremely profitable businesses.  In fact, who do you think comes up with the Food Pyramid or Food Plate which dictates what we should be eating?  The Meat and Dairy Industry.  Advertisements directed towards children of colorful cereals with prizes inside make it difficult for parents to withstand the pressure from their children who are begging to purchase it!  I get it!!  I am a parent, too!!  It is extremely important, however, to begin to see how many chemicals are in foods, in your household products (including toothpastes, shampoos, cleaning solutions, etc) and the damage it causes to the chemistry of the human body.  As remarkable as the human immune system is, these chemicals build up over time and wreak havoc on our health.  The extent to which you see symptoms appear is relevant to your genetic predisposition, as well as your own individual constitution.  But at some point, everyone has to pay the piper.

My individualized programs are designed to support you and your family in being the healthiest version of YOU, eliminating toxins from your foods and environment, and reducing symptoms such as allergies, rashes, lethargy, inability to focus, emotional swings, painful menses, and more.

I will coach you on creating balance in your life and show you how to teach your children ways to be centered and balanced as well.   

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