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Susan attended the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy in 1994, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master.  She is Board Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) as a Holistic Health Coach, Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by the T. Colin Campbell Foundation at Cornell University, Certified as a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist through the International School of Detoxification (ISOD), and a Certified Iridologist through the Southern Institute of Health.  She is an active member of the International Iridologist Practitioners Association (IIPA).


My parents thought I was nuts having two home births, and believe me, it was no easy task as my daughter was 8.8lbs, and my son 9.13 lbs! . In the face of my family, as well as most of society, it wasn’t always easy to stay the course of natural healing when the kids were under the weather. We always chose the natural way as our first line of defense. It takes great understanding and trust to believe that the body can heal itself. It simply needs to be given the right tools — live, vibrant, natural foods (not chemical-laden, over-processed ones,) and an understanding of quieting the mind (free from electronics) through meditation, qigong, nature and relaxation. I want to share my journey with individuals and families, and to guide them to trust, as well. The human body is perfectly designed to regenerate and heal itself. We just need to know how to nourish it to do so.
— Susan Alten Forma

Preparing healthy foods is easier than you think!  Let me show you how.

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