regenerative detoxification

In order to understand the human body, it is imperative to understand The Great Lymphatic System and its role in health. To do so, let's look at the human body in the most simplistic way. If you were to cut off a piece of your body and look at it under a microscope, what you would see is a bunch of cells and two major fluids, blood and lymph. This is true whether you take a piece out of your arm, your leg, your brain, your liver, your stomach, your tongue, etc., you get the picture. The human body is essentially made up of over 100 trillion cells, all of them having their own metabolic function, and each of them needing to eat and poop. In order to perform their function, the cells need nutrients. Obviously the cells cannot travel to the kitchen to be fed, so the food must come to them. This is the job of the blood, as it speeds around the body bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Each cell, after performing its function, has resulting metabolic waste which they must get rid of. The cells cannot travel to a "toilet" to rid themselves of this excrement, so the "toilet" must come to them. This is the job of the lymphatic system. The lymph is a slow moving fluid which surrounds each and every cell, picking up the waste materials, bringing it to the lymph nodes where it encounters bacteria to break it down, and then delivers it to the kidneys and skin to be excreted out of the body.  

So what's the issue concerning the lymphatic system and our health? Glad you asked! Before answering that, it is important to understand Chemistry 101. There are only two sides to chemistry -- acid and base (also called alkaline.) The acid side of chemistry is corrosive, while the base/alkaline side is restorative and regenerative. Human beings live on an alkaline planet, and are meant to be an alkaline species. Herein lies the problem: the Standard American Diet is primarily acid based. Animal proteins, dairy, sodas, processed sugars, colorants, to name a few, are all on the acid side of chemistry. Stressful thoughts have also been shown to create an acidic response in the body.


So what's the problem? The problem is that when one's internal terrain is too acidic, it causes lymphatic stagnation, inflammation and aglomulation. Here's a great visual: Imagine a fish bowl filled with gold fish. The fish represent the cells in your body, and the water represents the interstitial fluids (the fluids between the cells, namely blood and lymph.) What do you think the fish bowl would look like if you never cleaned it? Pretty disgusting, as you could imagine. This is exactly what happens inside your body when the lymph cannot flow properly and remove the waste products from your body. Unlike the blood, which has the heart pumping it around your body in a minutes time, the lymphatic system has no pump. And when you ingest foods that are on the acid side of chemistry,  the corrosive nature of these acids causes inflammation, a slowing of the lymphatic flow, and the inability of the lymph system to move the toxins out of the body. Over time, this causes tumors and cysts to form as the body encapsulates the inflammation, as well as aches and pains throughout the body, and eventually what we refer to as diseases. 

Ok, so what helps the lymphatic system move? There are many things which help move the lymph system. Exercise, breathing, massage, and most importantly, alkalizing foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits, in particular, are astringent, meaning they cleanse the body by keeping the lymph fluid moving. Those that focus on keeping their bodies on the alkaline side of chemistry find they have less aches and pains, less dis-ease to deal with, clearer thoughts, and an overall healthy feeling of well-being.

As a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, I work with individuals who are suffering from the symptoms of dis-ease.  Most of the issues that people experience are created from acidosis, which is when the ph of one's internal terrain is too acidic. Remembering chemistry, it's important to understand that your blood cannot be acidic or you will die. The human body is magnificently designed to create balance, so if the terrain is too acidic, it knows exactly how to fix it. The most common result is that it will pull a chemical from the alkaline side to regulate the blood ph. The most often used chemical for this job is calcium. So while the blood is being restored to a more neutral ph level, calcium is being pulled out of the bones and connective tissue, weakening them. And what happens when you continuously remove calcium from the bones and connective tissue? Weakness, instability, osteoporosis, pain, etc. I know what you are thinking -- "I'll just drink more milk and restore the calcium," right? Wrong!! Dairy is one of the most acidic (as well as one of the most mucous forming and inflammatory) foods on the planet. In fact, studies show that the cultures that ingest the most dairy, also have the highest incidences of osteoporosis!

So what's the answer? The answer is cleanse the body of the acidic waste, regenerate the cells, and restore your health. This process consists of dietary changes, nutritive herbs, and the support of a trained Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.

The Regenerative Detoxification Program begins with an extensive questionnaire, consultation, and Iridology assessment, usually lasting about 90 minutes. ($148) After a thorough assessment is made of your health condition, your genetic predispositions, the issues and symptoms that have manifested, a dietary protocol is created and nutritive herbs are prescribed. (Costs of herbs are commensurate with the systems of your body that are affected.) Followup sessions are usually 30-60 minutes in length ($35 per 30 mins) and take place on an individualized schedule to fit your personal needs. 


Alkalizing foods such as fruits and vegetables are regenerative and cleansing to the body.


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