Being Healthy is Like Preparing for a Hurricane

"Just because you are healthy, doesn't mean you don't get sick." People often ask me what I do in life. And as I describe myself as a healer, Massage Therapist/Reiki Master, and Health coach, the conversation often involves me describing good/better/best choices as it relates to food. At some point in the conversation, it often turns to the other person laughing and admitting that they would NEVER want to give up meat, cheese, fast foods, alcohol, cigarettes, soda or whatever their daily diet currently consists of. And shortly after, they'll usually laugh and say, "I'm going to die anyway so I'm going to just eat whatever I want."

Well, we all have choices and this is certainly a personal decision to make. But here I sit, with mutated cells that have aglommulated into an obstruction in my colon requiring surgery. And I eat for the most part, a very clean, conscious, alkalizing primarily plant-based diet, more than most people I know. I could very easily say, "WTF, I could've been eating junk food and garbage all along and wound up in the same place!" BUT THAT SIMPLY ISN'T TRUE.
Here's a great analogy I thought of this morning. Being Healthy is like preparing for a Hurricane. One could say, "fuck it, the storm is coming either way so why prepare? It will either damage my house or it won't, it isn't up to me." OR you could be prepared by putting up protective shutters or boards, cut the coconuts off the trees, bring in the items and furniture around your property that could potentially turn into torpedoes that could damage your home or someone else's. You do the best you can in your power to weather the storm.
For me, years of conscious eating, healthy choices, crowding out those foods that I know create mucous build up and an inflammatory response in my body have prepared me for my impending storm. At this point, the mass is contained only in the colon and all my other organs are healthy and strong! My blood work is perfectly normal, and my attitude is steady, clear and positive. I shutter to think what my test results could have looked like had I not taken care of my body all along. I'm so grateful that I've consciously taken care of myself all of these years, and for the wisdom I have gained along the way. And like Mother Nature, it is ultimately in God's hands, but I'm as ready and prepared as I can be.